Scrimmage drills and 27/5

One of the sessions last week had a scrimmage drill where pre-mins only were involved in a scrim, there were ten of us which meant we had enough for two full teams (the week before we’d done the same drill but with just two pre-mins per team which was hard).

It was very similar to an actual scrim but with less contact (partly because we unintentionally miss hitting the other person and partly because we’re still a bit afraid of hitting each other too hard and mostly because we’re not supposed to hit each other too hard). We did learn a lot about rules and we were given actual penalties if we did something wrong (and to the sin bin we went, well, not me but my team mates). It was all very crazy and chaotic but we all had our first taste of what a scrim could be like (two minutes is a long time! We didn’t make it to two minutes because the lead jammer would usually call it off but it still felt like ages)

We’ve also been trying out the 27 in 5 (27/5 is how I like to abbreviate it and it makes my maths geek self happy). The first time we did it I got 13.5 laps which I was okay with, but I thought I would be able to do more. I still can’t do crossovers and I know that slows you down a lot as one of the other pre-mins can and she’s getting around 20 or 21 laps. The second time we did it, I got 17 laps which I was happier about considering it was only a week or two later (3.5 laps doesn’t sound like a lot but to me it was). I recently got new skates (yay!) so I’m wondering how well I’ll do in them as I still need to break them in a little (I’ve relaced them about a dozen times already).

I might also have a derby name soon too! Every practice I get asked if I have one and it’s been over a month since we graduated fresh meat and I’m the only one that doesn’t have a name. It all feels a lot more real now, I suppose it just took me longer than everyone else to fully immerse myself in derby. Here’s hoping I can keep improving!




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